Anastasia Hermeline Pascal Francis better known as Anas & Pasco

The death is announced of Anastasia Hermeline Pascal Francis better known as Anas & Pasco of Mt. Rich St. Patrick, who passed away on Thursday 23rd February 2023 at the age of 77.

She was the daughter of: Merium Francis Alexander in the United Kingdom.

She was the Mother of: Richard and Helen Pascall, Tricia Marrast and Esther Pascall in Grenada. Matthew and Catherine Pascall in Canada and Wycliff Pascall in the United Kingdom.

She was the Adopted Mother of: Roshena Frederick-Robert in the United States and Grace Charles in Grenada.

She was the Sister of: Emris Pascall.

She was the Mother in Law of: Wilma Mark Pascall, Patricia Nyack Pascall and Kenneth Augustine.

She was the Great Grand Mother of Eleven.

Grandmother of 19: Nick Mark, Kamasie Pascall, Christelle Pascall residing in Canada. Alvis Pascall Aka (Tin or Rooster) residing in the United Kingdom. Gaberilla Warren pronounce (Gabriella), Dashawn & Jaheim Frederick residing in the United States. Hallima Pascall, Lidian Mark, Tarana Mark,Elvis Pascall (Aka Harry), Kerry Bernard, Saleshia Pascall, Donrick Pascall, Cody Pascall, Kaaniah Pascall, Trent Charles & Ava Charles residing in Grenada.  

Great grandmother of 11: Lily Alexander, Slather Alexander, Kerry-Junior Charles, Aria Pascall, Arim Pascall, Zavayah & Zaveyah Hillaire residing in Grenada. Drivay Pascall, Desire Pascall residing in Canada. Aubriella Warren residing in the United States.

She was the Aunt of Fourteen.

She was the Great Grand Aunt of Ten.

Many other relatives and close friends including the McLeish Family, Francis Family, Cheddick Family, Christopher and Paul Family. Mark Family, Bastain Family, Marrast Family, Alexander Family and Teka Family in Maran St. John, Best Family, Gittens Family, James Family in Mt. Reuil, Peters Family in Plains.

The Vendors in the Grenville Market, Dr. Andy Bernard, the Nurses of the Hermitage and Sauteurs Health Centre, Charles the #9 Bus Driver of Hermitage bus route.

Funeral service for the late Anastasia Hermeline Pascal Francis will take place on Thursday 6th April 2023 at 1pm at The Snell Hall Seventh Day Adventist Church and Internment at Marli Cemetery.

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